Wednesday, 11 May 2011

parcels woo woo

How excited was i when i got home from work. Two parcels waiting for me on the kitchen table. I knew what both were but its so exciting to get a parcel. All wrapped up in stiff cardboard just waiting for me to tear it off and inspect the goodies inside.....

Ive wanted this for ages and now ive finally got it. Clever Amazon and their cheapy prices.

All the bits and bobs needed to make a bag and such lovely vintage fabric. I cant wait to get my sewing machine out. It hasnt seen outside of its cover for a little while.

I think my sister would like this hottie cover. Me and my sister love our hotties in the winter. My hubbie always laughs at me when i pop my hottie into bed but within a few minutes hes saying please let me have five minutes with the hottie on my cold toes.

I might just make this oven glove for myself. Can you believe it, in the thirteen years that ive lived with my hubbie we have never had an oven glove. Me oh my thats not good is it? We always use a teatowel and usually end up getting hot fingers ouchhhh.

And so for my second parcel..... another lovely flower knitting and crochet book. Im enjoying knitting little flowers and giving them away to my friends and family. Just look at these lovely piccies

Wouldnt you just love a summer bag to take to the farmers market on a lovely sunny saturday? I know that i would. I think i will get some orange yarn and knit me a bunch of carrots to pop on my wicker basket.

Im off to my bed now for an early night with my new books and a hot choco. There is something so perfect about browsing through new craft books, getting lots of inspiration and making a wish list of makes in my mind.

See ya all soon my lovelies x

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  1. What great books! Love the projects. Peas and carrots on the bag ... how neat is that (and it looks wonderful too)!