Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

cups and saucers

ive found some lovely images of vintage china cups and saucers on google image. the delicate beauty and colours have cheered my soul this evening. i would just love a vintage china display cabinet with a distressed paint effect full of story telling old china tea sets. :-)))

Sunday, 9 January 2011

lasy sunday ha ha ha

i am so inspired by reading lovely colourful crafty blogs that i am determined to get mine personalised and up and running. talking of running my first chore of today is to don my running kit and get out with charlie choco and try and clock up a couple of miles on this lovely sunny sunday morning. once im out there i will zone out of my stressed out body and into the beauty of the countryside. the best therapy in the world. :-))))

running always makes me think happy thoughts and its when i do my planning of what to make, knit, crotchet next.

i finished a sparkly blue bobble hat last night ( hopefully photos to follow if i can manage to work out how to get them on here) and ive got a few other knitting projects that need completion. my new years resolution was to finish before starting something new......knowing my love of lovely colourful yarn i find this very difficult. 0-))))

my ambrose boy. a very shy little gentleman who loves a cuddle xxx