Sunday, 15 May 2011 last......

This weekend i was determined to finally complete my crochet cushion and pop it in the window seat of my study / project room.

So what do you think? Im pleased with the outcome because its been years since i crocheted and it took me a few false starts to get going again. Do you know, i havent got a clue how to follow a crochet pattern. My mum taught me how to do squares because that was all she knew. Apparently we crochet in a funny old fashion. That is we hold the yarn and the hook in our right hands and we change the hook to the left hand only to pass the yarn over the hook.

Do you like my knitting bag? Its one of three knittng bags that i own. I got it from John Lewis in Bristol a few years back now. It was in the sale and i saw it and thought... just gotta have that knitting bag.... Its my favourite bag of the three. I made a fabric one a few months back and popped a piccie of it on one of my earlier posts. And the third isnt really a bag but more of a wicker basket that i found in a second hand furniture shop. I used to keep projects in there but at the mo its holding what seems like a million knitting needles and some other bits and bobs.

Im itching to start something new with the yummy yarn that i couldnt help but buy last week and the green and pink crochet cushion was getting in the way of some new inspiration thats popped into my head during the last few days. I blame all the lovely bloggy posts that i follow.

Heres a sneak preview of something i started yesterday and may finish later today time permitting. Again this is something that i havent done for years but have been so inspired thanks to all the lovely blogs that i read. Being creative is so very theraputic and i think sometimes we get so caught up with busy work schedules and feeling tired that we dont give ourselves enough down time to remember how to enjoy ourselves.

Anyone fancy a slice of choccy cake? The kettles just boiled so pop round now.

Wishing you all a lovely creative crafty week and see you soon. Hope the sun shines.


  1. So pretty, all of it! I love your knitting bag and your sweet granny pillow. Very inspiring! :)

  2. hi Melanie, thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments!
    Your cushion is so pretty, and I see from a previous post that it's in Debbie Bliss cashmerino - the softest yarn I've ever touched! Looking forward to seeing more of your makes in the future.

  3. Luuuuurvely cushion! those colours are lush! xxx