Thursday, 17 March 2011

a sunny day

the sun is shining and spring is in the air. doesnt it make you feel like throwing open the windows and whizzing around with the hoover to get everything fresh and clean. ha ha well maybe not the hoover bit.

ive been very inspired recently by lots of the lovely blogs that ive been reading. the creativity of the lovely ladies that write these blogs and the beautiful crafts and pieces that they make. the colours and pictures brighten up the darkest days and inspire me to get and photograph the bits and bobs that i have made and show them off a bit.

throughout the winter ive been knitting alot. mostly socks, mittens and small items as i get impatient and want a quick result. recently however ive attempted a couple of larger garments and am now the proud owner of two beautiful shrugs that keep my shoulders warm on cooler evenings. i havent photographed any of my knitted stuff yet but will hopefully get and do that this weekend when my hubbie is sat watching back to back six nations rugby on saturday afternoon. actually must confess that i will be watching bits of it myself. bit rugby mad in my household.

well back to the lovely sunshine. i feel as if i should be planting my seed potatos today but do you know what ... i really cant be bothered. instead im off to the local lovely yarn shop to get yarn for my new project. a top down knitted short sleeved cardigan on circular needles. i found the pattern on ravelry after seeing it first on one of my favourite blogs, foxs lane. so thanks Kate for the inpiration.

have a lovely thursday to anyone that is reading this

Melanie x