Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Unfinished business

At last a day off. Time to spend finshing bits and bobs and tying up loose ends. Most certainly not a day for boring old time wasting housework although i have put three wash loads on the line to dry. Cant waste a dry windy day when the laundry basket is overflowing. Anyway i kind of like hanging the washing out when the suns shining and the birds be a tweeting and thinking ive got the whole day in front of me woo woo. Talking of birdies and tweeters, ive discovered yet another nest of young uns right under my nose. Well actually they are up in the roof and the comings and goings are like Piccadilly Circus. Even Charlie choco is curious because of all the activity.

And so to today. Did i mention my self imposed ban on anything houseworky?

Finished at last. Well almost.... It still needs hemming which means by the time ive neatened the edges and hemmed it, it will be sitting slightly just above my knees. Hmmm slightly above my knees and me nearly forty four years young. Go girl i say and flaunt those knees he he. Im so chuffed with this skirt. Its my first proper attempt at dressmaking and i even managed to put a zip in. Cant wait to wear it now.

Hanging around in the tree with no leaves

This was labeled as an easy to follow pattern but id beg to differ on that one. Sadly my figure is not like the one in the picture but still not bad for someone in their forties who enjoys the odd treat or two or three. Thankgod for running. Anythings allowed if you run three times a week.

Another unfinished business now very nearly complete. Just needs two buttons sewing on and blocking.

It will defo look better when is been blocked. The pattern for this short sleeved cardi is called Tappan Zee and can be found on Ravelry. Its really quick to knit because its knitted in the round with circular needles and constructed from the top down so no fiddly sewing up front and back etc. I used my lush knit pro circular needles for the first time with this project and its my favourite knitted thingy ever.

My lovely gorgeous generous fabulous husband (Andrew) has only gone and booked a weeks holiday for us next week in my beloved Cornwall. We will be staying in a barn conversion near Falmouth and Charlie choco is coming with us also. I so cannot wait for saturday and im planning what knitting, crochet, reading material to take with me.

A few piccies of Charlie enjoying past cornish holidays. Hes such an amazing swimmer and loves the sea. So wish we lived there.

See ya all soon my lovelies.

Melanie x

Sunday, 22 May 2011

new life

Days like today just make me feel so happy and warm inside. Full of warm happiness and contentment. And what has made me so happy today? Ive just been for a walk with Charlie Choco through the woods and i found not one but two sites with nesting birds. How amazing is that? The first is high up in a tree. I think it must be woodpeckers because there are lots of perfect holes pecked into the trunk of the tree and the nest must be in one of these. Me oh my what a racket they were making waiting for mummy and daddy woodpecker to bring home some scram. The second nest is very well hidden in an old cotswold stone wall covered in ivy. I didnt go looking because i didnt want to upset the parents but again they were having a party in that nest because i could hear them all the way along the lane.

Do you like my shells hanging in my tree. This poor old tree has never thrived and this year it hasnt got many leaves on it. I love shells and always collect them when im in Cornwall or Scotland. I especially love ones with holes in because you can thread some twine through them and hang them up. They tinkle like little bells in the breeze.

My latest make is a hexagon blanket to pop over my knees when the weather gets cooler. Blimey the rate its taking me to crochet these little hexxies up il be an old lady needing a warm blanket. I got the idea for the hexagons from reading MeMe Rose. I loved how her hexagons looked when they were sewn together and i loved the effect of the colours she had chosen. It got me thinking that i needed some colour in my life so off i popped to the wool shop and am so far pleased with the effect. Unfortunatley my camera does not do justice to the lovely colours.

Before i go i just want to say thankyou to the five lovely people that follow my blog. I know that in the whole scheme of things five followers is not many compared to some blogs but im so chuffed that ive got any followers let alone five of you. All of your blogs inspire me so much and i love getting home from work and cosying up with a cuppa and my computer and catching up on the days events in blog land. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as i enjoy yours.

Talking of cuppas.... i can feel a cuppa and big slice of cake moment coming on. Oh well it is sunday and ive been a busy bee all day and am thinking that after a spot of afternoon tea i might just sit out in the garden and get on with some hooky time.

Hope you all have a fab week. See ya soon.

Melanie x

Sunday, 15 May 2011 last......

This weekend i was determined to finally complete my crochet cushion and pop it in the window seat of my study / project room.

So what do you think? Im pleased with the outcome because its been years since i crocheted and it took me a few false starts to get going again. Do you know, i havent got a clue how to follow a crochet pattern. My mum taught me how to do squares because that was all she knew. Apparently we crochet in a funny old fashion. That is we hold the yarn and the hook in our right hands and we change the hook to the left hand only to pass the yarn over the hook.

Do you like my knitting bag? Its one of three knittng bags that i own. I got it from John Lewis in Bristol a few years back now. It was in the sale and i saw it and thought... just gotta have that knitting bag.... Its my favourite bag of the three. I made a fabric one a few months back and popped a piccie of it on one of my earlier posts. And the third isnt really a bag but more of a wicker basket that i found in a second hand furniture shop. I used to keep projects in there but at the mo its holding what seems like a million knitting needles and some other bits and bobs.

Im itching to start something new with the yummy yarn that i couldnt help but buy last week and the green and pink crochet cushion was getting in the way of some new inspiration thats popped into my head during the last few days. I blame all the lovely bloggy posts that i follow.

Heres a sneak preview of something i started yesterday and may finish later today time permitting. Again this is something that i havent done for years but have been so inspired thanks to all the lovely blogs that i read. Being creative is so very theraputic and i think sometimes we get so caught up with busy work schedules and feeling tired that we dont give ourselves enough down time to remember how to enjoy ourselves.

Anyone fancy a slice of choccy cake? The kettles just boiled so pop round now.

Wishing you all a lovely creative crafty week and see you soon. Hope the sun shines.

Friday, 13 May 2011

welcome to the weekend

Dont you just love fridays?  Ive had a good day at work despite it being friday the 13th. He he im not at all superstitious. I cant believe just how many people are.

Yesterday was my day off and after spending the morning catching up on boring old housework guess what i got up to? Yayyy a lovely bit of me time spent crafting and wandering around in my own thoughts putting the world to rights and enjoying some peace and quiet. Charlie snoozed underneath my sewing machine desk only lifting his head if he thought he was missing out on something. Doesnt miss a trick my choco boy.

Included in my Cath Kidston sew book was a kit to make a lovely little summer bag using gorgeous flowery Cath Kidston fabric. It was the perfect project to brush up on my sewing skills and im really chuffed with the finished bag.

I improvised with the pattern abit. The kit included fabric to make the strap but i didnt want fabric straps so used some wooden handles that i got free ages ago in a knitting magazine.

I also added a big pink button and some sweet little mother of pearl hearts that ive had floating around in my sewing bits and bobs. Im really pleased with the result and proudly took it into work today to show it off. Now everyone wants one......he he....maybe i could go into business. Isnt it lovely to make something and then feel proud of the finished result. Im usually really critical of my makes and probably dont give myself enough credit. I see some wonderful craft projects hand made by all you lovely bloggers and i cant help but wish that i was as talented.

Before i go i just want to send a little message to Glor from Crochet Galore. I was trying to send you a comment to say how much i loved your thursday thought. It really struck a cord with me. For some reason no matter how many ways i tried i just could not send my comment. Just wanted you to know that i thought it was very special and it stayed with me all afternoon.

Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend with hopefully lots and lots of craft time. Hope the sun shines on us all.

See ya all soon.

Melanie x

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

parcels woo woo

How excited was i when i got home from work. Two parcels waiting for me on the kitchen table. I knew what both were but its so exciting to get a parcel. All wrapped up in stiff cardboard just waiting for me to tear it off and inspect the goodies inside.....

Ive wanted this for ages and now ive finally got it. Clever Amazon and their cheapy prices.

All the bits and bobs needed to make a bag and such lovely vintage fabric. I cant wait to get my sewing machine out. It hasnt seen outside of its cover for a little while.

I think my sister would like this hottie cover. Me and my sister love our hotties in the winter. My hubbie always laughs at me when i pop my hottie into bed but within a few minutes hes saying please let me have five minutes with the hottie on my cold toes.

I might just make this oven glove for myself. Can you believe it, in the thirteen years that ive lived with my hubbie we have never had an oven glove. Me oh my thats not good is it? We always use a teatowel and usually end up getting hot fingers ouchhhh.

And so for my second parcel..... another lovely flower knitting and crochet book. Im enjoying knitting little flowers and giving them away to my friends and family. Just look at these lovely piccies

Wouldnt you just love a summer bag to take to the farmers market on a lovely sunny saturday? I know that i would. I think i will get some orange yarn and knit me a bunch of carrots to pop on my wicker basket.

Im off to my bed now for an early night with my new books and a hot choco. There is something so perfect about browsing through new craft books, getting lots of inspiration and making a wish list of makes in my mind.

See ya all soon my lovelies x