Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Well hello there

A lot has happened since I last posted.

Four weeks left to go
A lot of very exciting things.

Only a few minutes old
 My life has changed so much.

In the recovery unit about one hour old.

Life these days is fab fab fab.

I cant believe its possible to feel so happy and contented.

The last eighteen months havent all been plain sailing, oh no, not by a long way. My pregnancy was pretty textbook thankfully with no major setbacks or problems, but I did suffer the most horrendous pregnancy sickness and vomiting throughout the whole nine months. I may at some point write a post about this. Unless you have suffered it is very difficult to empathise how someone is feeling and how every waking minute of every day is spent either being or feeling sick. But you know what? I would go through it again one hundred times worse for my Coco baby because she is the reason for every day of my life both now and every day of my life before she was born. She is the reason for every breath that I breath.

She was born on the 4th September 2012 by elective C section weighing 6lb and 12ozs.

 I discovered I was pregnant following a first attempt at IVF following ten years of trying for a baby with three miscarriages and sadness every month the pregnancy test showed a  negative response. Following the IVF treatment we had to wait two weeks before taking a blood test that would measure Hcg levels in my blood to determine if i was pregnant or not. We went to my surgery on the morning of 30th December 2011 and was told the blood results would be ready in a few days. No way could I wait that long so we bought a digital pregnancy test on the way home and lo and behold it read two to three weeks pregnant YAYYYYY.

Our beautiful little girl has three names and is named after my grandmother, a beautiful Scottish island, and an olympic swimmer from last year. But on this blog i will refer to her as Coco baby.

Coco baby is eight months old now and weighs just over 16lbs. Im still breast feeding her which has worked really well for us and we are two months into baby led weaning which is great fun but very messy he he.

Well thats me for now but hopefully will find time to blog again very soon. Ive got so much to share with everyone including lots of knitting and crochet ta dahs.