Sunday, 28 August 2011

Afternoon tea

Anyone fancy a cuppa and a homemade cranberry flapjack? Well what are you waiting for....come on over, the kettles on the stove and the leaves are in the pot.

Feeling a bit at odds this afternoon as I think I've lost a follower. I was so chuffed to have nearly 20 followers, and every time i get another i get a bit OTT with blog happiness. Oh well nay er mind. More flapjacks left for me.

Thank you for the lovely comments about my noro cardigan in my last post. It's very nearly there now. Only have a few little odds & ends to sew in and and will then ta dah it on here. I so cannot wait to wear it.

Big hugs everyone and see ya ll all soon.

Melanie Xxxx

Sunday, 21 August 2011

This is my noro cardigan not quite finished but very nearly there. I'm loving working with noro yarn especially as this was my bargain stash from a few months back. You may remember
the post with this yarn and the Debbie Bliss that I found in the bargain bucket at John Lewis. Well I've only one skein left and the cardi will no longer be a WIP can't wait.

Sorry for my lack of posts but we have a new computer and I'm struggling with uploading pics and blogging full stop. It just doesn't do want I want it to when I want it to DOH.....

Am loving reading everyone else's posts though. Better than any craft magazine.

Hopefully see you again soon my lovelies.

Melanie xxx

Monday, 1 August 2011

My first proper crochet make that involved following a pattern. Pretty naff but I'm chuffed.

Melanie Xx