Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Unfinished business

At last a day off. Time to spend finshing bits and bobs and tying up loose ends. Most certainly not a day for boring old time wasting housework although i have put three wash loads on the line to dry. Cant waste a dry windy day when the laundry basket is overflowing. Anyway i kind of like hanging the washing out when the suns shining and the birds be a tweeting and thinking ive got the whole day in front of me woo woo. Talking of birdies and tweeters, ive discovered yet another nest of young uns right under my nose. Well actually they are up in the roof and the comings and goings are like Piccadilly Circus. Even Charlie choco is curious because of all the activity.

And so to today. Did i mention my self imposed ban on anything houseworky?

Finished at last. Well almost.... It still needs hemming which means by the time ive neatened the edges and hemmed it, it will be sitting slightly just above my knees. Hmmm slightly above my knees and me nearly forty four years young. Go girl i say and flaunt those knees he he. Im so chuffed with this skirt. Its my first proper attempt at dressmaking and i even managed to put a zip in. Cant wait to wear it now.

Hanging around in the tree with no leaves

This was labeled as an easy to follow pattern but id beg to differ on that one. Sadly my figure is not like the one in the picture but still not bad for someone in their forties who enjoys the odd treat or two or three. Thankgod for running. Anythings allowed if you run three times a week.

Another unfinished business now very nearly complete. Just needs two buttons sewing on and blocking.

It will defo look better when is been blocked. The pattern for this short sleeved cardi is called Tappan Zee and can be found on Ravelry. Its really quick to knit because its knitted in the round with circular needles and constructed from the top down so no fiddly sewing up front and back etc. I used my lush knit pro circular needles for the first time with this project and its my favourite knitted thingy ever.

My lovely gorgeous generous fabulous husband (Andrew) has only gone and booked a weeks holiday for us next week in my beloved Cornwall. We will be staying in a barn conversion near Falmouth and Charlie choco is coming with us also. I so cannot wait for saturday and im planning what knitting, crochet, reading material to take with me.

A few piccies of Charlie enjoying past cornish holidays. Hes such an amazing swimmer and loves the sea. So wish we lived there.

See ya all soon my lovelies.

Melanie x

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