Saturday, 24 August 2013


 Really happy with my latest bit of crochet.

A Miffy bunny for Coco baby.

She loves him too.

I somehow managed to sew the arms on a bit far back and I could have used a bit more stuffing, but overall I'm pretty chuffed with how it's turned out.

I found the pattern for free on Ravelry.

Is Miffy a boy or a girl? 

This ones a girl for obvious reasons.

Will leave you with a picture of my latest purchase..........

Loving these colours muchly.

Melanie x

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Hearting crochet

At the moment I seem to eat, sleep and dream crochet. I actually crave it when it's not in my hands. I find myself thinking about it when I really should be concentrating on something else. 

My first ever Mandala. This is a pattern taken from the Simply Crochet Magazine issue 7. The instructions suggested using an Aran weight yarn with a 4 mm hook, however, I used a double knit 100% cotton with a 4 mm hook. I'm pretty chuffed with the finished result as these were stitches I'd never used before, and I spent a lot of time on You Tube learning new tricks.

Next up are a couple of motifs I hooked up in a spare hour. Again trying out new stitches. 

I seem to have a few WIPs at present....... Who doesn't? I think it's because I'm so excited about learning something new that I'm itching always to start the next new project.

Next up is a cushion cover I started a few weeks ago whilst on holiday in Normandy. This is hooked up with a bamboo yarn on a 4 mm hook and the pattern is from a granny square book I got off Amazon.

Hehe that's me hooking in bed. Don't you just love a bit of crochet in bed?

Hopefully I'll soon have a finished item to show you...... Haha...... Don't hold your breath.

Away from crochet I'm still as busy as ever being a mummy to Coco baby. Every day she gets more gorgeous. She has two teeth now and this has made her even more cuter... Is that a word? She's saying Dada, Mama, Nana. She can even say row, row, row from row, row, row your boat, although it actually sounds like ra, ra, ra and she rocks backwards and forwards whilst shouting it out. She's such a happy, smiley good natured baby and I feel so blessed.

I'm back at work part time and loving being back with my work buddy's. It feels good to have some adult conversations that don't involve baby talk although most of us are mums or dads so baby talk often creeps into the conversation.

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures I took on a recent visit to Bath. These things made me smile muchly

This handsome fella is called Roycey and is a cross between a pointer and a springer spaniel. Although you could be forgiven for thinking he is just another chocolate Labrador as I did. He belongs to a lovely fella who sells the Big Issue magazine and every time I go to Bath we end up chatting.

Big hugs all,


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The last few months

At last I've discovered how to blog from my iPad.

Yayyyyyyy it's a revelation.

My beloved has upgraded the iPad with iOS 5 and now I can upload photos properly.

I've also downloaded an Instagram app that let's me jazz up my piccies abit.

Just a few bits of what I've been up to recently craft wise.

I've been having a practice at crochet again and managed the cool clematis from Simply crochet issue 7.

I've also been enjoying downloading free patterns from ravelry and above are two cotton wash cloths that I knitted.

Most days I manage to get out for a walk with Coco baby. We are lucky to live in beautiful countryside and I love to capture it on my camera.

Wishing you all happy times.

See you soon.


Monday, 5 August 2013

Eleven months

Eleven months have passed already since Coco baby was born.

Eleven months of happiness, joy, and delight.

Coco baby you have made me so happy.

Coco baby you make me smile every day.

I love you like I never thought possible.

My world.