Friday, 13 May 2011

welcome to the weekend

Dont you just love fridays?  Ive had a good day at work despite it being friday the 13th. He he im not at all superstitious. I cant believe just how many people are.

Yesterday was my day off and after spending the morning catching up on boring old housework guess what i got up to? Yayyy a lovely bit of me time spent crafting and wandering around in my own thoughts putting the world to rights and enjoying some peace and quiet. Charlie snoozed underneath my sewing machine desk only lifting his head if he thought he was missing out on something. Doesnt miss a trick my choco boy.

Included in my Cath Kidston sew book was a kit to make a lovely little summer bag using gorgeous flowery Cath Kidston fabric. It was the perfect project to brush up on my sewing skills and im really chuffed with the finished bag.

I improvised with the pattern abit. The kit included fabric to make the strap but i didnt want fabric straps so used some wooden handles that i got free ages ago in a knitting magazine.

I also added a big pink button and some sweet little mother of pearl hearts that ive had floating around in my sewing bits and bobs. Im really pleased with the result and proudly took it into work today to show it off. Now everyone wants one......he he....maybe i could go into business. Isnt it lovely to make something and then feel proud of the finished result. Im usually really critical of my makes and probably dont give myself enough credit. I see some wonderful craft projects hand made by all you lovely bloggers and i cant help but wish that i was as talented.

Before i go i just want to send a little message to Glor from Crochet Galore. I was trying to send you a comment to say how much i loved your thursday thought. It really struck a cord with me. For some reason no matter how many ways i tried i just could not send my comment. Just wanted you to know that i thought it was very special and it stayed with me all afternoon.

Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend with hopefully lots and lots of craft time. Hope the sun shines on us all.

See ya all soon.

Melanie x

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