Sunday, 12 June 2011

Socks on time

Hello my lovelies,

Well what a horrible old day it is today then. Pouring with rain here so gonna stay in and have me some lovely crafty time with my knitting and possibly may make a couple of birthday cards for friends who have birthdays next week.

Got up very early again and sat peacefully knitting for an hour. Oh i so love the early morning when all is quiet in the house and it could just be only me in the whole world. A perfect way to start the day.

Did a three mile very wet run with Charlie choco. Another good way to start the day if you have the energy. Most sensible people would still be in their beds on a sunday morning. I do love getting out for a run and try to go at least three times a week if poss. Its a really good time to think things through and plan my next crafty make he he.

I thought today i would show you some socks that i have knitted over the last year.

This pair were the first that i ever knitted and my first ever attempt at using double pointed needles and knitting in the round. Takes a while to get the hang of it because its a little bit fiddly at first but once you get going... bobs your uncle....and you never look back. WARNING sock knitting is addictive and the choice of yarns.....need i say more....simply amazing.

These bluey green socks are ace and my absolute faves in the whole world. My beloved, bless him, got me the yarn and knitpro double pointed needles for christmas and i sat all of boxing day knitting these because my villiage had a power cut that lasted all of christmas and boxing day. It was a pretty miserable christmas for most of my neighbours, but little old me was quite happy and cosy sat in front of the wood burner knitting socks with my fingerless gloves on and a rug over me knees.


I thought i might sort out my stash boxes today but only got as far as photographing them MMM tut tut. Today would have been a perfect day to have a sort out but im in the cant be bovvered frame of mind. Lazy article my nan would have said.

Tat ta for now my lovelies, im off to get crafty. Hope you are all having a lovely restful weekend.

Melanie xx

Friday, 10 June 2011

Still asleep

How early am i up? grrrrr .....something woke me up early and now i find myself blogging with a lovely cuppa at 5.30am on a saturday morning.

google image

Am not going to write much because my poor old brain is not functioning at full speed ( not sure it ever does) yet.

getting there slowly. need to divide for arms now.
Knit across 42 sts, move next 45 sts to waste yarn, cast on 10 sts at underarm using backwards loop method.....Ay whats all that about?.....and at that point im stuck. Thank goodness for google searches. What the airy fairy is backward loop method. My poor brain. Did i tell you its only 5.30am on a saturday. No work day saturday....yawn and again yawn. Reach for the teapot and topping up my cuppa. I can feel a bit of toast and honey coming on in a bit.

The stocks in these smell gorgeous. Pressie from him who cares. In his words ' Me and Charlie got you some flowers' that Charlie is a clever dog bless him.

Any way cheerio for now me old chinas cos im off for that bit of toast and yet another cuppa and maybe a few more rows of knitty time. Bliss. Hope the sun shines for everyone inside and out.

Melanie xxxx

Sunday, 5 June 2011

A lovely time was had by all

Hello my lovelies,

How are we all on this mizzely drizzley old day? Hey we cant complain about one day of rain when we have had the warmest spring for a long long time. I did so want to get out in the garden and do a bit of tidying up and planning what to do with the spots that need some colour injection. Any whoooo its given me a chance to do a little bit of house work and stuff.....yawnnnnn.

Me , hubby and Charlie choco came home yesterday from a perfect weeks break in Falmouth, Cornwall. We stayed in a barn conversion near the boating haven of Mylor Bridge. I feel soooo relaxed and full of inspiration but OH NO, ive got to go back to work tomorrow DOH.

Swift Barn Mylor Bridge
Charlie having fun

My favourite place in the whole world. Porth Kidney sands at Lelant near St Ives Cornwall. This feels like home to me and its where i will eventually live if only in my dreams.

For a couple of pounds you can catch a ferry boat ride over to Falmouth from Flushing. It is so gorgeous to go shopping on a boat.

Flushing / Falmouth ferry

Such beautiful wild hedgerows. Foxgloves and Honeysuckle grow wild everywhere in Cornwall. And the scent on evening walks is heavenly.

Falmouth Harbour at sunset

Restronguet Creek.

  My latest knitting project. Tea leaves cardigan by Melissa LaBarre. Again its knitted in the round on circular needles and is top down. Im loving top downs as there is none of that sewing up nonsense that i hate with knitting. Its a Madeline Tosh pattern that i found on RAVELRY. Against my better judgement im using Life DK yarn by Stylecraft simply because before the holiday funds were in short supply and i didnt want to spend loads of dosh on posh wool. However im quite pleased with the effect and you know at the end of the day Stylecraft yarn washes well time and time again, and if this turns out well it will have only cost me around fifteen quid for a hand knitted cardi. He He bonus.

See you soon and hope you all have a lush, creative, happy and sunny week.

Melanie x