Tuesday, 19 July 2011

More WIPs

Yawn how many more of these will i find hidden away in carrier bags shoved under the bed, behind the sofa, in the laundry basket.....

This will eventually become a pair of honeycombe mittens.

One whole completed fingerless mitten knitted in self patterning double knit yarn.

Not sure what i was thinking with this one. Needless to say ive only completed one so far. Bed sock knitted using sidar hug chunky yarn. Knitted on two straight needles so has a seam. Not my favourite knit ever and might yet frog this and put the yarn to better use.

The aim of showing these WIPs was to make myself feel guilty for not finishing what i started. Trouble is at the mo these patterns just are not inspiring me.

Saturday night me and Mr had a cosy sofa saturday night with a plate of homemade lasagne and a bottle of red. After supper we cosied up and watched Brighton Rock on dvd. We had both been really looking forward to watching this as we had both enjoyed reading the original Graham Greene version. The film is slightly different as its set in a different era with a few other changes, but was still very good and didnt disappoint.

Off to bed now to read my latest find and loving this one.

TTFN my lovelies,

Melanie x

Saturday, 16 July 2011

More catching up

A few weeks ago me and Mr had a rare day off together. My beloved is head of chemistry at a local boys grammer school and you will probably remember the teachers strike from a few weeks ago. It was really lovely to spend a week day together as we rarely get to do this and most of our weekends are spent doing the usual housework, DIY, shopping yawn yawn. So off we pootled in our car to the gorgeous georgian city of Bath. Bath is only a forty minute drive away along beautiful peaceful country roads. The sun was shining and a fab day was had by all.

Anyone who reads Mollie Makes will have seen the spread about Bath in issue two and I for one couldnt wait to get back and visit. Mr was issued with instructions to amuse himself for two hours while i spent some time finding all the lovely shops written about.

I was not disappointed.

Firstly as we sat sipping lattes down a sweet little side street, sat outside enjoying the sun, and there straight in front of me themakeryemporium.com This is the most amazingly incredible shop selling sewing and making gorgeousness.

Fabric, handmade felt, buttons, beads, threads, ribbons, stamping bits and bobs just to name a few. The lovely lady that runs the shop was very chatty and welcoming and made my visit feel extra special. I came away with a little bag of goodies and spent some of my birthday money on lovelyness. More on that another time.

Next on my map was woolbath.co.uk Another little treasure trove of gorgeousness and please buy me yarn. Set down a little side street underneath a georgian arch this took a little bit of finding but was well worth it. Again the two lovely ladies running it were very welcoming and friendly. The varity of yarn here is just simply stunning with amazing colours and textures i was spoilt for choice.

Sorry about the piccies but i pinched these all from google images as i didnt take my camera with me.

I had such a lovely time and when me and Mr met back up again we had lunch in yummy scrummy Cafe Rouge.

Anyhows back to the future now and here is a sneak preview of my top down cardi that im knitting using my lush Noro bargain yarn....droolllll... I really do have a thing for Noro and this particular yarn is made up of wool, silk and kid mohair. Its lovely and soft but has a warm sturdiness to it that will stand the test of time hopefully.

Welcome to my new followers. It really makes my day when i get a new follower or comments left following a post. I love reading other blogs and im chuffed that people think mine worthy of following and leaving a lovely comment. There really are some kind thoughtful people out there in blog land and alot of very inspiring talent.

Big hugs,

Melanie x

Friday, 15 July 2011

Catching up....

Remember me? its been a long time.

Lots of special birthdays in June requiring home made cards.

My birthday was also in June and here is a gorgeous hand made card that my special man got me from a lovely shop near where i live called Made in Stroud. Well worth a visit if you are ever in the area especially on a sunny Saturday when the very lively Stroud Farmers Market is in full swing. Its a truely amazing place to be and has a continental feel about it.

Every craft bloggers favourite. The lovely Mollie Makes. How i loved those strawberrys.

Mine are filled with lavender and hang on the wooden knobs of our bed side tables.

Sale bargains from John Lewis at Cribbs Causeway. Im thinking maybe a crochet cushion. What do you think? A bargain at two pounds a ball. You would not believe how excited i was. I started shaking the moment i set foot on the top floor...... and saw the sale signs.

Another mega bargain. This yarn is the stuff that dreams are made of in my mind. When i saw this bag of lovelyness at half price in the bargain bucket i very nearly wet myself. I dont mind admitting i acted in a totally selfish manner that involved me launching myself head first straight into that bargain bucket coming up clutching a whole bag of eight skeins very tightly to my chest and spluttering to anyone that was within earshot ' get your hands off these have my name on'. A week later and im part way through the most gorgeous top down cardigan that may end up being short sleeved depending on how far this yarn will knit up.

Thought you might like to see one of my many WIPs. This is knitted with lots of different left over 4ply sock yarn on double pointed needles. When i knit gloves or socks i always get a bit bored after completing the first one and need to knit something else before going back and completing the pair. I love the colours in this glove and am thinking they will brighten up a miserable winters day.

Sorry ive not posted for ages but have been sooooo busy and i do always manage to find time to read everyone elses lovely blogs. Nothing better at the end of a busy day than settling down with a cuppa and catching up on blog land.

Have a lovely peaceful weekend and hopefully catch up again very soon.

Melanie Xx