Saturday, 23 April 2011

oh happy days

hello everyone on this another hot and sunny day. we have been so blessed this easter with lovely warm weather. all the blossom is out in glorious full bloom and the leaves on the trees are a vibrant green and life is just perfect when the sun shines and you can sit out in the garden, feel the sun on your face and listen to the birds sing their songs of spring.
these are a few piccies that ive taken today just in the garden. its nice having a outlet for showing folk my garden, and this time of the year it gives me a lot of pleasure. it can be hard work keeping it up together because there is a lot of it and its all on a steep slope but i usually find it very theraputic getting my hands grubby and its where i do a lot of thinking and putting the world to rights in my head.

today i am a very happy chappy indeed and its all thanks to a lovely lady called Glor who has become my first ever follower. thankyou Glor from Crochet galore you have really made my day. your blog is a real pleasure to read and like many of the other blogs i read your post are always uplifting and inspiring. i hope you are also having a really lovely day and that the sun is shining for you.

i have been taking advantage of this lovely spring weather to sit outside in the garden and do a spot of lovely knitting. there is nothing better for the soul than sitting knitting listening to the sounds of the garden. i recently received a parcel of lovelyness from amazon. how exciting is it to get a parcel through the post. one of the books i had ordered was 20 Knitted Flowers by Susie Johns. all very simple patterns to follow and knit up very quickley. ive made two sweet williams which i think i may give to my mum for easter. shes coming to mine tomorrow  for an easter day lunch of roast lamb with all the trimmings.

im really please with how they have turned out. i sewed some matching  buttons on and glued clasps to the back and hey presto a pretty adornment for my lovely mum to enjoy.

me and hubby took chocolate charlie out for a walk in the woods this afternoon. we use the woods on very hot days because its just to hot for charlie and he starts puffing and panting. the woods by me are wonderful at the moment, lovely and cool with deep green dappled shade and a carpet of wild garlic which is at its best right now. we pick some of the leaves to pop into our teatime salads quite often but not tonight.... oh no.... because tonight is saturday night and saturday nights are all about easy suppers, usually a takeaway and a bottle of wine.

this is charlie sat in amongst the garlic posing for the camera. i think ive got more photos of charlie than any thing else. thank goodness for digital cameras where you can just snap and snap to your hearts content.

i popped into my local town this morning to have a browse around the saturday farmers market which always has a good atmosphere at this time of year. in fact next to christmas, easter is usually the busiest market day. i spent a very happy half an hour browsing in the yarn and sewing shop and look what i just couldnt resist.

the picture doesnt do the colours justice. the green is a pale sagey mint green, a chalky pink and a cream. ive got a idea that i might just crochet a cushion cover to pop in my newly decorated smallest bedroom, come study, come project room. by the way ive also just finished my tappan zee short sleeved green cardigan. just need to sew in the ends and pop some buttons on it then i will pop it on here.

i hope you are all having a wonderful easter weekend and not eating to many easter eggs.... he he enjoy if you are. Melanie x

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