Monday, 4 April 2011

a lazy monday

hello to everybody and how are we all today? i havent been so well over the weekend. have had a bit of a tummy bug that kept me in my bed yesterday. i was disapointed because i had invited my parents up for a lovely sunday roast as it was mothers day. i had spent saturday making a delicious apple custard cake with a toffee sauce and had planned to cook roast lamb with all the trimmings. sadly i had to cancel but luckily my lovely sister invited mum and dad over to hers instead so at least mum had a lovely day.

anyway im feeling so much better today and have spent the day resting and watching day time television and doing a spot of knitting. how often is it we get to have a peaceful day doing not much so im making the most of my recoperation day. back to work tomorrow.

i have photographed some of my makes that i thought you all might be interested in seeing. and here are a few of them.

this little knitting bag was made out of scrap bits of fabric that i had in my sewing box. always nice to use up old bits of scraps. the handles were a freebie in a knitting magazine last year i think.

reading other peoples blogs always inspires me for something to write in mine and today is no execption. i always love reading coco rose textiles , and her crochet pictures got me hunting out a wip of mine that i started many years ago and had lain hidden at the bottom of my yarn chest. so ive dug it out and taken a piccie to pop on here. the colours are very garish but it was made with odds and ends out of my mothers knitting bags. i say bags because she like me has them all over the house.

ta ta for now and hope your week is a good creative one.

melanie x

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  1. Hi there and thanks for stopping by at the Fairyglade. I love your knitting, bag such pretty colours. Glad to hear that you are on the mend and that apple custard cake sounds divine. Share the recipe perhaps? dev x