Friday, 1 April 2011

friday at last

hello to anybody that is reading my blog and here is hoping that you are having a lovely creative kind of day which is exactley what i am hoping for just as soon as ive finished dreaded housework. if only housework had never been invented and i could spend my days off peacefully knitting and crafting..... he he wouldnt that be just fab.

i promised on my last blog that i would post some piccies of my knitted bits and bobs and that was ages ago now and i still havent done it. well here a few garments that ive photographed and hopefully will get around to adding a few more very soon.
this is what im knitting at the moment. its a lovely green double knit short sleeved cardigan knitted on circular needles from the top down so no sewing up at the end. i got the inspiration for this cardi after reading one of my fav blogs foxs lane and i downloaded the pattern from ravelry. its nearly finished now and hopefully il be posting a finished pic very soon. cant wait to wear it.

a meadow sweet scarf that i knitted some time ago using hand dyed isle of skye merino lambs wool. its a lovely easy herring bone pattern that came with the yarn and i have loved wearing it during the cold winter. it always reminds me of a happy day spent finding the yarn shop and the beautiful scenery of the isle of skye. the yarn is made and dyed by......
happy weekend to everybody and i hope to post again very soon X

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