Sunday, 28 August 2011

Afternoon tea

Anyone fancy a cuppa and a homemade cranberry flapjack? Well what are you waiting for....come on over, the kettles on the stove and the leaves are in the pot.

Feeling a bit at odds this afternoon as I think I've lost a follower. I was so chuffed to have nearly 20 followers, and every time i get another i get a bit OTT with blog happiness. Oh well nay er mind. More flapjacks left for me.

Thank you for the lovely comments about my noro cardigan in my last post. It's very nearly there now. Only have a few little odds & ends to sew in and and will then ta dah it on here. I so cannot wait to wear it.

Big hugs everyone and see ya ll all soon.

Melanie Xxxx


  1. Missed your noro cardigan sneak preview so will have a peak in a min x

    The flapjack looks delish. I'm attempting good old ginger bread men tomorrow with my little Miss.

    Love those gorgous picci's of your dog Charlie.

    Have a lovely week x

    Leah x

  2. I would LOVE a cuppa and a cranberry flapjack... thank you very much...
    They look absolutely delish!!

    Wish I could knit up a cardigan but I just cannot get the hang of knitting, looking forward to seeing your ta daa moment!

    Louise xx

  3. Looking forward to the ta-dah.

    Can I have another cup of tea please?

  4. Hey don't you worry about losing followers. I did too and was gutted. But soon got over it!!!
    I love your blog, I have such limited time as a busy mama who juggles work and kids but I try to read and comment on as many blogs as I can.
    The flapjacks are fab. Can you pop over to mine sometime and leave the recipe if you get a chance. No rush.
    x x

  5. Hey I have lost heaps of followers over time. Sometimes it's because they close their acounts with blogger and start reading through a different reader like blog lovin' or google reader.

    Don't fret pet.