Sunday, 4 September 2011

Round up of the last couple of weeks

Hello everyone, hoping your all well and enjoying a bit of late summer or should i say early autumn sunshine.

Im sorry ive been a bit quiet of late but have been having trouble blogging with my new ipad so am back to using old lap top. The ipad is ace but for some reason i cant seem to upload more than one piccie for each post. How boring is just one piccie to look at.

As promised at long last here is my lovely new Noro cardigan made with my bargain of the year which has made me such a happy lady ever since i found it lying squashed flat in its pack at the bottom of the sales bin at John Lewis.

The name of this pattern is Tea Leaves and is a design by Melissa LaBarre and can be found on I think it cost me about two pounds to down load the pattern and this is the second cardigan ive made using it. Its knitted on circular needles so no seams to sew up. Big bonus.

My next project is now on the go and somehow or another ive been guilt tripped into knitting my Mr a pair of wooly walking socks. What a struggle to find a pattern for anything other than 4ply that is knitted on double pointed needles. Im using a double knit self patterning yarn and knitting them on two needles so they will have a seam.

Ive had a lovely afternoon sat in the garden with Charlie doing a bit of knitting and enjoying the late summer flowers. I think my garden is at its best at this time of the year.

Can you see the wasp on the sedum flowers. He loves the colour as much as i do.

Some autumn berries for the birds that dont migrate.

Well ive been back at work for a week now and my lovely holidays seem ages ago. We had a peaceful relaxing week in Cornwall with Charlie choco.

And 48 hours in Paris. A treat from my fabulous Mr. I love that man so much, he really is the best.

How wonderful to stroll along the The Seine and listen to music.

My first ever real cocktail....i know, i cant believe it either. It was delich and but i cant actually remember what it was.

I hope i havent bored you but its been so lovely to post more than one piccie and ive probably done an over kill now.

See you all soon and have a lovely week. Hope the sun shines for everyone.

Melanie xxx


  1. Oh wow, where to start!
    Paris - wonderful and I love the photos, esp the musicians! I LOVE Paris.
    Your cardie is amazing. I think the colours are stunning.
    And Cornwall looks gorgeous. Charlie Coco looks very very happy! Looks like you had wonderful weather.
    Good to hear from you
    Gem x

  2. your cardigan is beautiful, the socks look like they will be lovely!!
    I adore your Cornwall photos- have seeen so many lately of Cornwall and sooo want to go there