Sunday, 21 August 2011

This is my noro cardigan not quite finished but very nearly there. I'm loving working with noro yarn especially as this was my bargain stash from a few months back. You may remember
the post with this yarn and the Debbie Bliss that I found in the bargain bucket at John Lewis. Well I've only one skein left and the cardi will no longer be a WIP can't wait.

Sorry for my lack of posts but we have a new computer and I'm struggling with uploading pics and blogging full stop. It just doesn't do want I want it to when I want it to DOH.....

Am loving reading everyone else's posts though. Better than any craft magazine.

Hopefully see you again soon my lovelies.

Melanie xxx


  1. I really love this cardigan! Stunning colours too. Really like the crochet vase cover in the previous post too.
    Clever lady.
    Hope you have nice weekend.
    Gem x

  2. The sweater is looking fantastic, the colors are amazing. Good luck.

  3. It's just gorgeous!!
    Amazing work!!!

  4. Beautiful colours! I recently found a stash of Noro at a charity shop and bought up everything I could find- it's so gorgeous, isn't it?!
    Also, I saw a comment you made on another blog re ipads and blogging- I manage my blog on iPad - I upload my photos straight to Flickr and from there add them to my posts. Do email me if you want some help!! It took me a while to get gping.
    Have a good week.

  5. I'm having problems blogging from my iPad, so at the moment I'm still using the Mac.
    I love the Noro cardi.

  6. That is lovely - gorgous colours used x

    Leah x