Thursday, 12 September 2013

A lovely day

Well what a lovely day I've had. We have spent the day in the city of Bath. Me, my Mum and beautiful Coco baby have had such a fabulous time just browsing the shops and stopping for lunch and afternoon tea. We are very fortunate to live within half an hour of Bath. It's such a beautiful city and always such a lot to see.

Bath Abbey is huge. So huge in fact that I couldn't get a decent angle to fit it all in.

We found a little craft shop in the indoor market and I couldn't resist a few little bits and bobs.

I've seen a pattern to make little lavender filled Russian dolls and the felt and ric rac will be just perfect. When il get the time to make them is another matter as Coco baby takes up all my spare time these days not that I'd have it any other way.

I found some gorgeous little booties in Marks and Spencer for Coco.

Sooooo cute. She likes them so much she had to have a play with them when we got home.

She has so many toys to play with but only wants my crochet aghhhhh......

Help yourself to my crochet hooks why don't you. Can you see my little granny squares? 

So many lovely things are making me smile this week. Coco baby's birthday cards and sunny flowers from my lovely sister in law.

My collection of sea glass and pretty shells in my kitchen window.

Well I'm off to iron a uniform for work tomorrow and need to sort out Coco baby's bag to take to Nannys house. My amazing Mum looks after her whilst I'm at work in the week. 

Pasta and pesto for supper with plum crumble and ice cream to follow. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Melanie x


  1. I bet you Mom loves every minute looking after that sweet baby. Lovely trip to Bath, I have always wanted to visit there.
    hugs to you,

  2. Coco Baby is a dolly isn't she!! So very pretty!
    I used to live in Bath city centre, before children. Utterly brilliant.
    Am from a place half an hour from Bath too! Small world.
    x x x