Monday, 17 June 2013

Coco baby

Yesterday was my birthday. You made my birthday perfect. I didn't need any gifts because I have you in my life. Your first smile of the day for mummy on her birthday. Your first cuddle of the day for mummy on her birthday. Making me smile as you shouted dadadadadada as we shopped in the supermarket. Smiling at the lady behind us over my shoulder as we waited in the queue for my birthday treat latte. Adding to your fan club as we waited for my blood test in the doctors surgery. Putting your fingers in my mouth (your latest trick) as I breastfeed you. Talking to me with your eyes. Such beautiful expressive eyes. Talking in your own little language to my flipflop. Waving and clapping your hands at Charlie dog. You made my special day extra special. You make every day extra special. I love you my darling Coco baby.

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