Sunday, 30 October 2011

Back from hols

Hello there,

How is everyone?

Im back from a fantastic holiday in a beautiful place called Flushing near Falmouth in Cornwall. We have had a lovely time and i so do not want to be having to go back to work. Boo hoo....

A few pics of what ive been up to whilst dodging the showers (some lasted all day) in Cornwall. Didnt spoil our holiday. When you have a dog the rain is neither here nor there as Charlie choco still needs his walks two or three times a day. Thank goodness for waterproof gear. Very glam especially with a pink brolly.

This is how far i got with my second cable and lace sock. Thats the ankle, heel flap and heel turned, now just have to finish the foot. The heel flap, turning the heel and grafting the toe are the only bits that are done with just two needles. The rest is knitted using four double pointed needles. Some people use five needles but i find that to fiddly so just stick with four.

This is the beanie i was working on for my nephews first birthday. For some reason the piccie has come out on its side..... ive no idea how to fix this and get it right way up.

Just have to start the second mitt now and then the set is complete. Second sock mitt syndrome DOH.

A little baking was called for today. Something naughty but delicious to cheer up a dismal day.

Mini cup carrot cakes. Very tasty with a cuppa after my afternoon walk with Charlie.

I cant remember if i showed you these. Socks that i knitted for Mr back a couple of months. Knitted on two needles so have a sewn seam. He loves them and finds them very comfy with his wellies. I caught Charlie wandering around the house this morning with one of these socks in his mouth along with a hide chew and a cat toy. The other sock was in Charlies basket. Im shaking my head still in disbelief as i write this.

Stay safe from any spooks or witches that may be scurrying up and down your pathways over the next couple of evenings. Ooooooooyyyyyooooo.... Thats supposed to be a ghosty sound by the way he he.

 Happy halloween

Melanie xx

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