Tuesday, 19 July 2011

More WIPs

Yawn how many more of these will i find hidden away in carrier bags shoved under the bed, behind the sofa, in the laundry basket.....

This will eventually become a pair of honeycombe mittens.

One whole completed fingerless mitten knitted in self patterning double knit yarn.

Not sure what i was thinking with this one. Needless to say ive only completed one so far. Bed sock knitted using sidar hug chunky yarn. Knitted on two straight needles so has a seam. Not my favourite knit ever and might yet frog this and put the yarn to better use.

The aim of showing these WIPs was to make myself feel guilty for not finishing what i started. Trouble is at the mo these patterns just are not inspiring me.

Saturday night me and Mr had a cosy sofa saturday night with a plate of homemade lasagne and a bottle of red. After supper we cosied up and watched Brighton Rock on dvd. We had both been really looking forward to watching this as we had both enjoyed reading the original Graham Greene version. The film is slightly different as its set in a different era with a few other changes, but was still very good and didnt disappoint.

Off to bed now to read my latest find and loving this one.

TTFN my lovelies,

Melanie x


  1. Love those mittens in the gorgeous coloured wool.
    Clever you.
    My Mister is always asking me why I don't just use up the yarn I have before buying new stuff.

  2. Oh you can knit! I'm learning...soooooo hard!!!!!

    Don't feel bad about your Wips, we all have loads on the go!


  3. About your comment over at mine (you're a no-reply blogger by the way) my Mum always says a person never lies on their deathbed saying "I wish I kept a tidier house" They say "I wish I went to...I wish I told...I want to hold...."