Friday, 10 June 2011

Still asleep

How early am i up? grrrrr .....something woke me up early and now i find myself blogging with a lovely cuppa at 5.30am on a saturday morning.

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Am not going to write much because my poor old brain is not functioning at full speed ( not sure it ever does) yet.

getting there slowly. need to divide for arms now.
Knit across 42 sts, move next 45 sts to waste yarn, cast on 10 sts at underarm using backwards loop method.....Ay whats all that about?.....and at that point im stuck. Thank goodness for google searches. What the airy fairy is backward loop method. My poor brain. Did i tell you its only 5.30am on a saturday. No work day saturday....yawn and again yawn. Reach for the teapot and topping up my cuppa. I can feel a bit of toast and honey coming on in a bit.

The stocks in these smell gorgeous. Pressie from him who cares. In his words ' Me and Charlie got you some flowers' that Charlie is a clever dog bless him.

Any way cheerio for now me old chinas cos im off for that bit of toast and yet another cuppa and maybe a few more rows of knitty time. Bliss. Hope the sun shines for everyone inside and out.

Melanie xxxx

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